Artist Statement

My acquaintance with art began in childhood, when I entered an art school. From that moment I began to visit art museums, exhibitions. I have always been interested in the history of art. I like to visit the Hermitage, think over my projects, drawing parallels with the art of the past.
My main specialization is sculpture, but I like working in different types of art, such as ceramics, photography, graphics. I also hope to master the video art.
Ceramics is close to sculpture. In ceramics, I am attracted to the plastic qualities of the material and wide possibilities for the introduction of color. I like to embody these technological features in sculpture. I plan to create a series of works with the use of colorful fabrics, papier-mâché, making a complex pattern.
In my opinion, the content is quite important in sculpture, but still the form is supreme. My works are visually bright enough and the message is clear for the viewer without words. Therefore, I do not always accompany my works with text.
For a sculptor, it is important to find his/her own plastic language. In my case, this is a laconic form, removing unnecessary details; an expressive image is the basis. I like both abstract and realistic art. I am also interested in projects where these polar art forms are combined.
I work with wood a lot. This material is characteristic of my homeland. I am also interested in experiments with a combination of various techniques, an introduction of extraordinary materials to the sculpture.
In my works I try to find the relationship of volumes, the balance of elements among themselves. In the development of my compositions I try to build a system, a general movement. I strive to transfer the image and state with the help of various techniques. For me, inner harmony and orderliness of plastic forms is important