…fog veil…

Personal exhibition

Sculpture, photo, video, installation. Saint Petersburg. 2022

the fog has covered everything...
My memories, my aspirations, ideas about what and how to do.
Events are interconnected, they are superimposed over one another, creating a layering of images, memories. Combinations of various events send me to the current point.
I strive to come to an internal order, looking for a causal relationship with what is happening to me. For several years already external events have aggressively interfered with my life, destroying the fragile world that I am trying to create.
These events are like flashes. They pull us out of the usual circle of affairs, the train of thought. How much can a person bear?
Memories are layered one over the other, each is a small step into today. What would happen if something was done in a different way? Would something turn out differently? How could it be?  “History knows no ' if '”, but “if” is important for me. All sorts of options haunt me. It could be better, it could be worse. Something can be fixed but something can't.
Sometimes, it is not easy to find logic in what is happening. And is it all for the best? Everything is in the fog, too unsteady. All plans, ideas, desires about what will or should be can evaporate very quickly.

everything is a dream
everything is not a dream
I want to fall asleep
I want to awake from the fog
…fog veil… Personal exhibition. Saint Petersburg. 2022

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