"Score of condemnation"

Size: L 90 * W 330 * D 30 (Cm). Wax, steel rope, plastic, wood.
Curator Sasha Obukhova. The project was carried with the support of the The The PRO ARTE Foundation. NAMEGALLERY. St. Petersburg. 2021
The project raises the topic of condemnation in the field of art and in life in general. In endless stream of authentication and validity, sharp disagreements and contradictions causing some damage to all parties. In cumulatively, this creates a complex system of uneven stresses or "tensions". In depending on the point of view and in a more simplified form, this can be described as a search of "truths" and "lies". It is often impossible to distinguish one from the other, especially in art, where assessment criteria and coordinate systems are dynamically changing parameters. In the Middle Ages, there were many ways to distinguish truth from lies. In many of these procedures hands suffered. So, the accused of lying had to pick up the red-hot metal, get the ring out of the boiling water. The symbolism of the hand is based on its role as a tool for influencing the surrounding world, a mediator in the transfer of spiritual and physical energy. Criticizing, we put each other to the test, as if in the Middle Ages, we force to keep in hands "red-hot metal". The only difference is that we hurt many metaphorical strings... In this web of mutual condemnation, everyone is traumatized