"Home 2020"
“The sun will shine into our window too" ("Загляне сонца і ў наша аконца") - a Belarusian proverb expressing hope for a better future, is extremely relevant today. In the late 19th - early 20th centuries, it was used as a slogan by unofficial publications in the Belarusian language. Later, it became the name of the first official Belarusian publishing association that existed in St. Petersburg in 1906-1916. In this project, I draw a parallel between the time when Belarus was part of the Russian state (more than 200 years) and the current period of “independence” in the history of Belarus. In both cases, Belarusian culture was subjected to persecution and was practically destroyed. At present, little has changed, and those grains of Belarusian culture that have been preserved are still being destroyed to this day. This project reflects my feelings about the events taking place in my home country of Belarus since the summer of 2020.
Lamp, painting, plywood. Size: L 100 * W 100 * D 18 (Cm)
The project was carried out during the Art Prospect festival with the support of the PRO ARTE Foundation. St. Petersburg. 2020